A tribute to one of my biggest inspirations, Joe “PhotoJoe” Hoddinott -done on my iPad using FinngrPro

This is my second time using this app since installing it- and it might be my last time as well! One thing I thought about after coming out the fetal position (while patting myself saying “Shhhh it’s going to be okay…”) that this app put me in: this app needs a warning label. Now, I like a challenge, but this is just silly. This was done in three hours and here are some fun facts:
-there is no ‘undo’! If there is one, I couldn’t find it :(
-every stroke is volatile and speed controls the line thickness
-there is no zoom
-this is one of the rare apps that register multiple touches at once. I found out the hard way by totally marking over the lower side of the face when I was concentrating on the top half. LOL
-85% of this was done with finger (thus the name I suppose)
The only thing that kept me going was playing some really loud rock music. It really helped with those frustrating spots :)